Paul Gothe Foundation

Details about Paul Gothe Foundation:

Official Status Number:
Foundation name: Paul-Gothe-Stiftung
Foundation Authority: District Government Arnsberg
Headquarters of the Foundations: D-44789 Bochum, Wittener Str. 82
Type of Foundation: Not Nonprofit Organization
Foundation Goal: Financial Support of the Employees
Date of Recognition: 22.08.1985

Foundation's Representation
Body of the Foundation: Executive Board:
Dr. Torsten Grodten, Thorsten Hinrichs, Paul Gothe

German Foundation Register



Chronicle of PAUL GOTHE Foundation in Bochum

    Established in 1924 by Eng. Paul Gothe, Paul Gothe company was founded in Bochum.

    From 1924 to 1945 the company was dedicated to the production of thermocouples, resistance thermometers, temperature indicators, controllers, registers and control panels. At that time, it had 10 employees and its clients were the large bakeries and breweries.

    Up to the 70s, the company dedicated itself to the production and marketing of flow instrumentation (namely flowmeters), temperature and other control instrumentation. At that time the company produced almost exclusively for the mining industry.

    The safety in this field was significantly improved with the development of the LuGa, an air and gas flow meter. The number of employees increased to 75.

    The 70s began with the death of the company’s founder, Paul Gothe. The owner of the company is at this time his wife Agnes Gothe. Eng Hermann Wilhelm and Mrs. Wurmnest assumed the management of the company.

    With this new management team it expanded its operation to the environmental protection field. So, the company is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of emissions measuring instruments (manual) and emissions as well as sample collection systems.

    In 1984, Agnes Gothe dies, and the company and all of its remaining assets were converted into a foundation, as a wish of its founder.

    In this year the company takes the leadership in the non-continuous emissions analysis, especially after the bankruptcy of its main competitor, Strohlein.

    The 90s perpetuate the continuous growth of its range of products, as the company consolidates its domestic and international market leadership in the emissions logistics field.

    In the year 2000 was founded the Paul Gothe GmbH and the sole shareholder of Paul Gothe GmbH is the foundation Paul Gothe Stiftung.

    The managers of the GmbH are Dr. Torsten Grodten and Thorsten Hinrichs.

    Currently, with its vast experience and knowledge in products related to Air Quality monitoring, Paul Gothe is the largest sampling specialist. Excellent in quality control, producing its components in Stainless Steel and Titanium, ensures lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in its products.

    Paul Gothe celebrated in 2014, 90 years of production.